Crest Supreme

In the world of teeth whitening, there are two brands that are continually championed by their fans. By far, Proctor and Gamble leads the way in making the ever so popular Crest whitening strips range. It is simple to use, effective and value for money. Crest 3D Whitestrips system works by applying a pre-measured enamel safe whitening gel to teeth for a specific length of time.

Philips is the other brand, well known for making top performing teeth whitening gels in a variety of strengths. A whitening tray is necessary to apply the gel. You may easily put together your own teeth whitening kit to use at home, once you’ve decide on the strength of the bleaching gel. We also sell the whitening tray that you can customise to fit the shape of your teeth.

Leading names in teeth whitening and oral hygiene

Teeth whitening should be approached with care and must be regarded as part of a healthy dental regime- there are no quick fixes here! There is plenty of 'teeth whitening kit' out there, however, your safest choice would be to stick with well known brands. Crest 3D Whitetsrips and Philips Zoom Nite white or Day white ACP have years of research and development behind them with high customer satisfaction rates.
The after care is also vital, brushing regularly with toothpastes such as Crest 3D White Brilliance help to maintain a good hygiene as well as keeping whitened teeth protected against the build up of future stains.


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